About two weeks ago, myself and a few friends ventured over to the new restaurant at the Culver Road Armory, TRATA.  I had seen a lot of the construction going on over the past year and the glowing lights seen from 490 always left me curious about the building in its entirety.

The venue itself is a rustic enthusiasts dream.  Three floors of anthropologyesk lighting, reclaimed wood, and even casual chic water jars.  You’ll at least have to go for drinks to see the whole place for yourself.  And you’re sure to find room at the 360 first floor bar, or the intimate second floor bar.

My first experience at TRATA was positive, but I mostly was blown away by the space itself.  I started with the southern hospitali-tea, which I loved.  For the most part I enjoyed their whole cocktail menu, but the beer is really the main focus.  If you’re a beer fanatic you will not be disappointed.  Our table also was given a small pan of bread, which looked appetizing but, unfortunately was dry.  For dinner I had the Yellow Fin tuna, which wasn’t the best fish dish I’ve had, but I did enjoy it.

After my first experience I knew that I wanted to give TRATA a second chance, and I am so glad that I did!  My first visit was more a one plate, sit down meal, when Trata is better done as a grazing experience.  Go with people who like to share food and get some different options.  You will really enjoy your experience this way.

The second time I went to TRATA was with my parents and brother for my mother and father’s 25th wedding anniversary.  We started out with a bunch of appetizers.  They were out of this world and left us plotting out our next visit.  The fish tacos, as amazing as they were, and trust me I loved them, had to be the tables least favorite.  We were blown away by the pigs in a blanket, having to order another because my brother loved them way too much.  The tuna poke brought a tear to my eye as a seafood lover.  I probably could eat it everyday.  And the roasted red pepper and artichoke dip was a perfect twist to a classic favorite.

For dinner, though we barely had room, I tried the Caprese Burger, which was delicious, especially paired with the perfectly seasoned french fries.  I tried a bit of my mother’s orecchiette, which was a perfect fall plate.  Who knew cranberries and pasta would make such a great pair?

We splurged and got dessert too, which my stomach regretted later for being too full.  I had to try the draft root beer float.  It’s made with root beer from a local brewery, Rohrbach’s, and topped with a delicious and moist ginger molasses cookie.

So the moral of the story is to visit TRATA.  Go for a grazing meal, go for appetizers, go for drinks.  The food isn’t all that inexpensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

I’m very excited to be rolling out my very own blog!  I spend so much time writing about weddings and events for Pauleenanne Design, that I thought this would be a great way to get my own word in.

But I’m not going to take all the credit.  A colleague suggested I start my own blog, because let’s be honest, I want to work with people I like and I’m sure you do too!  So this is my way to give you a glimpse into who I am, so you might think I’m not so bad.

So what is this going to be all about?  Well, working with events isn’t just knowing how to put together a timeline and execute it, but being aware of the latest trends and great local finds.  Really the goal is to become somewhat of a Lifestyle Expert.  And that’s what my blog is going to be all about.  Weekly lifestyle posts with everything from food to fashion.  Yes, it may focus on things from Rochester, but I think all my fans outside the area can still take away some great material.

So tell your friends, add me to your RSS, and read away!